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About Ahhh

We exist to give you a vibrant burst of luxury everyday.
Petals in water

At Ahhh we handcraft our delectable products to make you fizz with anticipation no matter what your day throws at you.

Imagine this. Your busy day is nearing its end. You’ve successfully juggled the “urgent” demands of work, family and life’s unexpected quirks, and now you’re ready for me time.

This is your Ahhh moment. The exhale you deserve.

our range
Our Range

Ahhh is a vibrant, playful, luxurious range of bathroom beauties handmade with love in New Zealand for exactly this moment. With names like Coco Lime Lollipop, Lemon Meringue, Peach Smoothie and Raspberry Marshmallow, our Ahhh range is designed to indulge your senses to elevate your mind, body and soul.

Our passionate founder Sophie Cooper uses the best of modern scientific knowledge and wisdom handed to her by generations of New Zealand beauty manufacturers to create our colourful, bold and bright Ahhh bars and sensational fizzalicious bath bombs.

As you cleanse, bathe and relax and soak in the delicious scents of Ahhh, New Zealand’s highest quality ingredients sourced from nature will nourish, rejuvenate and invigorate your skin leaving it deliciously clean, buffed and polished, and deeply hydrated.

Our Ingredients

From our soap, scrub, moisturiser, shampoo and conditioning concentrated solid bars, to our effervescent bath bombs, at Ahhh we use the very best of carefully hand selected, natural and organic ingredients. And of course all Ahhh products are free from nasties like hard detergents, parabens and SLS that harm your body and our precious ecosystems when washed down the drain.

Our secret ingredient is nature’s superstar, coconut oil. This multitasking natural oil used on skin and hair is celebrated for its antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties that fight off bacteria and some viruses, and potent antioxidants such as deeply moisturising, skin healing vitamin E.

Combined with other skin-loving ingredients like almond oil, cocoa butter, activated charcoal, tea tree, sugar, fruits, herbaceous botanicals, goat’s milk, loofah, and New Zealand native beeswax and manuka honey , Ahhh products are packed with a bounty of natural goodness.

Solid Moisturiser being used
Our sustainability

At Ahhh, we believe that your pamper should not only nourish you, but our planet as well. So we’re on a mission to make all our packaging home compostable, and we’re nearly there!

All but one of our products are contained in home compostable cardboard, and we’re midway through testing our home compostable wrap for our deliciously fizzy bath bombs.

And because we want sustainable choices accessible to everyone, we’re over the moon to be the first shampoo bar available in New World and Pak ‘n Save nationwide.

Our Founder

Most people would think it’s bonkers to be expecting their first baby and to buy a business, but Sophie Cooper is not most people! In 2016, the unstoppable creative brain behind Ahhh was pregnant with her daughter Beau, so naturally she decided to breathe new life into another baby.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Sophie purchased the soap manufacturing company she’d been working in for 2 years and poured her passion and love into soap and bath bomb making. Two years later, her vision became Ahhh.

Along with her expert team - which includes the fastest bath bomb maker in the world - Sophie has grown Ahhh to include a suite of natural goodies for people of every age to luxuriate in.

Watermelon Scrub bar in a pair of hands
Our plans (to take over the world!!)

Thanks to Sophie’s love of creating new products (honestly, it’s all she wants to do!), our Ahhh brand is growing to give you even more Ahhh moments.

We’re starting with a lip-kissable hydrating lip balm contained in compostable packaging, and something every household needs, a love bomb that cleans your toilet when you flush.

Kids are obsessed with Ahhh too, so we’re having fun creating bathroom goodies just for them, kicking off with a zesty bubble bath that’s good enough to eat, because let’s face it… it just might be!

At Ahhh, we’re proud to be a little bit cheeky, a whole lot nice and created simply to brighten your life. After all, our motto is ‘Ahhh… it’s all good’, so that’s the least we can do.